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Chinese Researchers Develop a Human Genome Variation Database Covering Nearly 1000 Present-day and Ancient Populations 克拉玛依福瑞茂服务有限公司

Dr. XU Shuhua' group from PICB, SINH created a genome variation database, PGG.SNV which archives 265 million single nucleotide variations across 220,147 present-day genomes and 1,018 ancient genome...

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A Comprehensive Database for Base Editor-Targeted Pathogenic SNVs 扎兰屯生干万商贸有限公司

The research groups led by Dr. YANG Li and Dr. CHEN Jia systematically compared a panel of BEs for the first time and BEable-GPS is the first database to profile the accessibility of BEs to target ...

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Toward Precision Medicine: Potential Favorable Outcomes for MYC-positive Gastrointestinal Cancer Patients Receiving T... 浑江源本耀有限公司

Dr. LANG Jing-Yu's research team at the Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health of Chinese Academy of Sciences applied genome-scale CRISPR/-Cas9 knockout screening and identified that MYC, which...

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